Dear Sharks International participants,

Brazil is facing a major turmoil since last week due to a general strike of truck drivers, against high fuel prices. One of the major consequences was the fuel shortage which affected most sectors of the economy, including transportation.

Negotiations are under way to end this strike and hopefully in the upcoming days things will return to normal and our Conference will not be affected. Flight delays and cancellations may still occur at this time, but we expect that the situation will gradually normalize over the next few days. As an update:

(1) Most flights passing through São Paulo (GRU) on its way to João Pessoa have not been affected;

(2) Brasilia´s airport (BSB), even with fuel supplied by trucks, has resumed its flights;

(3) Two of our colleagues coming to an IUCN workshop through these two airports are already in João Pessoa.

We have been watching carefully to this situation and working to avoid or minimize any potential effect it may have in the event. We will provide you with timely updates about this situation. Please, do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any question or concern. We recommend that you contact directly your airline company to obtain information about your flights.

The Sharks International Team

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