CONDOLENCE NOTEDr. Carolus M. Vooren

We, at the Brazilian Society of Elasmobranchs (SBEEL), are devastated with the news on the passing of the extraordinary researcher, mentor of many of us, and essence of the conservation of elasmobranchs in Brazil, Dr. Carolus Vooren. He is deeply linked to the very history of our own Society and with the genesis of the research on sharks and rays research in our country. He adopted Brazil in the late 1970s, leaving his homeland, Netherlands. He joined the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) as a researcher and professor and stayed there until his retirement in 2010. During that period, and until recent times, he researched on sea birds and, mainly, on elasmobranchs. He trained numerous students, many of whom are now great and renowned researchers. More than providing academic training, Dr. Vooren in fact inspired, motivated, and gave meaning to the professional lives of many of the colleagues in this and other scientific societies. He acted intensely on issues related to the conservation of Brazilian elasmobranchs, a cause he defended fiercely and, together with Dr. Rosangela Lessa (UFRPE), they are the pioneers in the conservationist approach to research in population dynamics, a scientific landmark that brought to light the importance about conserving these incredible animals, so loved by Dr. Vooren. His reading of biological processes was far beyond the usual. Bold, creative, sensitive, he always managed to solve what was not resolved, to define what was not defined. People say that a man dies twice. First the body goes and then his memory dies. It will not be so, depending on us, that we were privileged to share this world with him, to learn, to receive the strength of his kindness and inspiration. We will try to remain worthy of his name. His journey will be more beautiful from now on. May he look at us and bless us. We will always love you. Thanks.

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