You can do this by opening the inbox Messenger of your Facebook page. II. After tapping on the app, you will have to select the message you need to delete. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app from Facebook that also supports voice and video calling. The app was originally part of Facebook, but later separated and became its own identity. Facebook Messenger has a number of cool features and is constantly being updated to stay ahead.

Make sure to take a peek at these other Facebook tips and secrets to get even more out of the site. It’s probably time to purge your Facebook friends list. This guide will help you cut out negativity, oversharing, and random work “friends” from 2008. The new feature is still rolling out so be sure to check back if you’re not seeing it now.

You will see a popup to Add Extension, just add it. Done, you have successfully deleted all your Facebook messages in one click. You can safely remove the extension once you are done deleting all your Facebook messages. To delete an entire conversation rather than individual messages, click “Delete Conversation” after clicking the Actions menu in the third step.

How To Delete Messenger On IPhone

Many users have been tirelessly searching for an answer to the question, ‘how can I recover permanently deleted messenger messages? ’, and we hope our article was informative enough to help you find a proper solution. Thus, in this article, we have shed some light on how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger in the most hassle-free manner.

  • Once the extraction is finished, you can view all your messages from the backup in .pdf format.
  • They will automatically appear in the app and can be found in the ‘Advanced History’ section.
  • Click on Yes, Delete to delete all the messages.

This is a really simple way if you have archived the messages. The best thing about archiving is that you can recover archived messages whenever you want. How to recover deleted messenger messages on iPhone? Open the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device, and choose Messages. Select the messages or conversations you want to archive. Next, all scan and search work will be completed by the iPhone data recovery software itself.

I want to clarify that the only way for this feature to be enabled is by opting into it after completing a PayPal checkout. Yes, if you block someone on Instagram, they won’t be able to read your Direct Messages. Once again, you can undo the deletion if you like.

How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

Simply tap on the message you want toremove and select the option to “Remove forEveryone”. The removed message will be replacedby text alerting everyone in the conversation themessage was removed. You will have up to 10minutes to remove a message after it issent. If you want to delete allmessages in the thread tap Delete All, in the upper-left corner.Then tap Delete Conversation. The removed message will be replaced bytext alerting everyone in the conversation themessage was removed.

At the confirmation screen, select Delete Chat. Open the desktop app and right-click the message, then select Remove for Everyone. Start by opening the thread you’d like to rename.

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