CloudApp’s Screen Recorder for Windows is available for PC, Windows, and Chrome. To get started, simply access the app from above or from the Microsoft Windows Store, register for an account, install and start recording for free. Hello guys, Could you name me a few Screen recording softwares as I want to record some lectures that I’ve bought online.. I am tired of paying after every 15 days and they are very important to me!

  • Xbox Game Bar is the first method for screen recording in Windows 10.
  • Of course, this Game bar can be used to record apps only – it cannot record full screen or a specific region.
  • This gives your privacy a lot of protection since flaky Internet connections can expose information.

Ezvid’s web page claims to use your computer’s processing power to increase the speed of its screen recording and video editing capabilities. Though Ezvid files may be uploaded to sites like YouTube, it is most compatible with their Wiki site,, which touts itself as the world’s first exclusively video Wiki. Should you opt for BB Flashback, the procedure is different and even a little more straightforward. By choosing to record your screen, the program lets you choose whether you want to record the entire screen or just an active window, or some specific region you have chosen. You will then need to choose an audio source via the check boxes on the screen.

Having to upload your image to a separate image editor can be time-consuming. A good screenshot app should give you the option to add basic edits to your images. Keys over any field where images are accepted and the screenshot will be pasted. It could be a social media website, chat program, or even an image editor like Windows Paint or this link GIMP. By hitting the Windows key and Print Screen at the same time, you’ll activate this shortcut.

How to Import Data From PDF to Excel

So, if you want to download your video from loom then use its chrome extension. From there, you can even share and edit recorded videos. If you don’t want to send the video then you can invite your friends to watch your recorded video. To do so, under the privacy section, click on Invite people and add the email address. You can also add the password so that only the selected users can watch the shared video.

OBS Studio is a free, full-featured, open-source video recording and live streaming application. It’s perfect for live-streaming games, creating how-to videos for YouTube, and much more. Here we’ll show you how to create a screen recording using OBS Studio. And how to save your videos in the right format for different platforms.

Save the Raw File of Your Pre-made Recording

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Once the reset process completes, you’ll have one of two possible outcomes. If you chose to remove everything from your computer, you’ll see the first-time setup experience, meaning your computer is ready to be used by anyone else. If you chose to keep your files, you’ll be taken to the sign-in screen for your account and boot into the desktop. Computer factory reset can solve computer issues for users, but it also brings data loss.

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